Pre-inspection Tips

The intended purpose of this pre-inspection checklist is to assist the pool owner to assess the current condition of the pool safety barrier prior to the initial pool safety inspection and possibly eliminate the need for a subsequent re-inspection.

Each individual pool location may have many variables including but not limited to materials, construction type, access or proximity. The new requirements of the pool safety laws are complex and can not be accurately conveyed in simple statements, an onsite detailed inspection and assessment of your swimming pool is without doubt the only proper solution.

While considerable thought and time has gone into the preparation of this checklist for accuracy and detail, this document is limited to providing basic guidelines for simplicity. For full details please read Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4. Assurance Pool Safety Inspections advises pool owners to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the new laws.

Before arranging a pool safety inspection, please read over the following checklist and the "Tips to make your pool safer" fact sheet to help see if your pool meets the requirements of certification.

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